MERGE is a diverse group of colleagues from IPG corporate and agency offices who are working to bring people together in support of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and marketplace. MERGE includes national and local Business Resource Groups (BRGs) as well as national and local MERGE councils comprised of the leaders of all BRGs.

All U.S. IPG corporate and agency employees may register for the MERGE website and have access to exclusive benefits:

  • Learn about MERGE Councils and affinity-based Business Resource Groups  About MERGE

  • Sign up to get involved in MERGE Council/BRG committees or to be a MERGE ambassador for your agency Register

  • Access exclusive tools and programming resources for leaders of MERGE Council/BRG projects and committees MERGE Groups

  • Access tools to identify and create successful mentoring relationships Mentoring Matters

  • Download information, tools and guides to learn about Diversity + Inclusion issues and power your career

  • Keep track of and register for programs

  • Set up a profile in the participant directory so MERGE can tailor communications to your interests

  • Search the participant directory using keywords to connect with colleagues by region, affinity group, and agency

  • Enroll to participate in programs and workshops on topics such as mentoring and sponsorship

  • Access unique offerings such as free online subscriptions and research


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