MERGE ensures that all IPG companies are recognized as industry leaders in their embrace of diversity and inclusion and that they are the agencies of choice for talent and clients. Our goals are to:

  • Empower employees with environments that are welcoming, fair and rewarding

  • Promote the recruitment, retention and advancement of diverse talent

  • Provide a community for connections linking diverse employees with each other, our agencies and IPG

  • Support and contribute to the business success of our clients and IPG

ABOUT Business Resource Groups

A Business Resource Group (BRG) is an organization of employees who identify with or have an affinity for a particular dimension of diversity.

A BRG's purpose

A BRG serves as a resource for both its participants and IPG. It accomplishes this by providing a positive forum for development, education and idea exchange on issues of common interest pertaining to dimensions of diversity.

MERGE'S Business resource Groups

MERGE includes national and local councils as well as five employee Business Resource Groups (BRGs): Asian Heritage Group (AHG), Black Employee Network (BEN), IPGLBT, SOMOS: Hispanic/Latino Heritage Group and the Women's Leadership Network (WLN).