In building and promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I) throughout our organization, we intend to be the world’s most inclusive network of marketing services companies. At our agencies and at the holding company level we are working to make diversity and inclusion a part of our DNA. 


CEO Compensation

As we do with other business objectives for our company, we have tied our diversity goals to the compensation of our senior leadership.

A portion of each of our major companies’ CEOs’ performance objectives is tied directly to diversity. If a given company’s diversity goals are not met, that CEO’s incentive pay is adversely affected.

IPG Annual Inclusion Awards

Established in 2009, the annual IPG Inclusion Awards formally recognize and celebrate our companies and our people who bring aspirations of progress for diversity and inclusion to life in their offices, in their work, in their business practices and in their impact on communities.

IPG CEO Diversity Council

Convened by Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of IPG, this committee is composed of CEOs from IPG companies and serves as a forum where leaders can review metrics, learn from leading experts on critical topics, share best practices and prioritize the resources required for further progress. Beginning in 2019, the Council will oversee the activities of new Regional Executive Diversity Councils.

An Inclusive Board of Directors

As of today, three out of the nine members of the Interpublic Board are women, making us a standout among S&P 500 companies, with a 30 percent representation of women on our board.


U.S. Climate for Inclusion Survey

Our U.S. Climate for Inclusion survey is designed as a diagnostic tool to determine the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion work at the office level and to understand how employees of various backgrounds are experiencing performance management, psychological safety, responsiveness to differences and other important levers for innovation, growth and belonging.


Our carefully curated events feature experts, scholars, media influencers and think tank researchers to provide in-depth opportunities for learning and informed dialogues aimed at concrete solutions.

Learning Experiences and Critical Conversations

We bring our people together via webcasts and conference calls for opportunities to acquire mentoring skills, to discuss concerns about events happening in the world, to get mental health and parenting guidance in tough times, to learn how to support our colleagues with disabilities and even to provide updates on matters such as immigration policies.

The Unstereotype Alliance

The Unstereotype Alliance, convened by UN Women and launched at Cannes in 2017, is an important effort we are bringing to life within IPG. By helping the industry and implementing best practices across our network, we are focused on having the diversity of talent and the Diversity IQ to produce client work that is effective from a business standpoint, and, just as as importantly, replaces harmful gender-based stereotypes through an intersectional lens.